There’s never been as much focus on on-demand services as there is today. In a world increasingly centered on instant gratification, we want our websites to load in less than a second, our paychecks to be deposited instantly and our food to arrive as soon as we finish ordering. The premade logos call for on-demand extends across the board and is strikingly obvious within the business world. With B2B services and SaaS providers on the rise, there’s an increased need to not only market new on-demand services but to package them appealingly. The graphic design industry is projected to grow by only 3% over the next few years, which is slower than average. This raises the question of whether logo design will join the ranks of on-demand services, and whether that’s a good thing, if so. (Full disclosure: My company offers logo design software, as do many others.) The Importance Of A Great Logo Let’s face it; we’re all guilty of judging books by their covers—and companies by their logos. A great premium logos does more than just identify a company; it communicates key points of the company’s personality, values and promises. Even after several years of working with startups in the graphic design industry, the power compacted in one small graphic never ceases to amaze me. But bad design—generic, forgettable, unclear, inaccurate—can do just as much damage to a company as great design can do favors. The question is, Can logo design software consistently provide a good product? Take away a large graphic design budget, take away the design-time factor, and are you left with any hope of a decent return on your investment? The first and potentially most important factor contributing to the availability of premade logos design software is automated or AI-driven design. The debate continues regarding whether following professional premade logos design “rules” is more important than gaining quick access to a logo to launch one’s business. AI-driven on-demand design is a work in progress, with many applications other than logo design. What impact does it have currently on the on-demand economy in which we live? With years of experience under my belt in this area, I’ve compiled a handy list of pros and cons.
Some Of The Pros: • Immediate access to branding: This is a key point. When launching a startup, time is often of the essence. • Brand continuity: A brand that provides Premium logos for sale continuity throughout its visuals and other aspects can achieve greater market visibility. On-demand nounproject logo design software makes it easier to achieve that visual continuity. • Editable assets: Ideally, as startup owners, we all want the perfect premade logo designed with our business in mind. On-demand design software usually does not build from the ground up but can make up for that by providing editable assets and elements to maximize uniqueness. • Lower cost: Another big plus for AI-driven ready made logo design software. Considering that you might expect to pay thousands of dollars for a professional custom logo, an option that is easier on the budget is definitely worth a look at, especially for small businesses and startups. Some Of The Cons: • Recycled design elements: On-demand design often starts with a premade logo templates, including shapes, icons, graphics, color palettes and fonts. That’s part of what makes it possible to provide immediate design solutions, but it does mean you run the risk of ending up with a logo element that has been seen before. (One potential solution to this is the editable elements I mentioned in the “pros” section above.) • Potential for inaccurate branding: One of the skills individual logo designers bring to the table is the ability to deeply understand the company behind the premade logo. That’s not a sure thing with on-demand design. • Loss of new business for independent designers: This one speaks for itself. AI-driven on-demand design could cut the number of design jobs significantly. • Missing the human touch: The biggest complaint I hear regarding AI is that it simply cannot accurately replicate the creativity of a human. My answer is to point out that design AI is designed by humans, so there is still some “human element,” even if it’s reduced in scope. As we continue developing on-demand services, I believe we’ll find a way to meet the needs of all. Balancing Pros And Cons Ideally, when starting a business, we want to have all the necessary elements on hand before the launch date. Sometimes, timelines run tight. It may not be feasible for an on-demand bespoke designer to work to your timeline. On the other hand, on-demand designs could potentially provide ineffective branding. Ultimately, the main goal of on-demand premade logos design is to provide a needed service at a reasonable price that doesn’t compromise the key element of good graphic design: communication. As on-demand services continue to expand, my hope as a veteran of the graphic design industry is that AI-driven design will increasingly be educated and refined according to the human touch added by individual graphic designers. No matter how much we rely on on-demand, I believe there will always be a place for human designers. How that place will evolve remains to be seen. Forbes Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Do I qualify?

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